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Our dedicated servers is the availability of high powered networks and dedicated hosting server utilize extreme security measures to ensure the safety of your data stored on our network of servers.

100% Dedicated Server : Dedicated Servers are the perfect solution if you need privacy, security reliable and powerful server hardware and connection that your business-critical applications require. We provide dedicated bandwidth speeds and the full hardware resources are solely dedicated for your server tasks and performances, no shared computing power or memory usage. Minimum one dedicated IP is included in any of our hosting plans. Our enterprise-class hardware is dedicated to you and you only.

VOIP Service : Our dedicated servers are special customize for voip service providers. We guarantee 100% server uptime and complete special dedicate bandwidth for you voip service and quality of calls.

Plan : Choose the plan that's right for you, and we will customize it to meet your unique needs with even more bandwidth, control panel options, backup plans, firewall protection and more.

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